The New Year Clock is Ticking

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New Year’s Eve party supplies, invitations, and more with this grandfather clock.

Click to see the entire invitation, and to view this clock up close.

Happy New Year! So you’re going to celebrate the New Year with a bash. Here is all the stuff for your New Year’s Eve party, including the invites.

Invites, Stationery

  • Invitations. A sleeping grandfather clock is on one side, a waking grandfather clock is on the other. Choose many different shapes and sizes/dimensions for this invitation, and whether or not you want to include envelopes with it.
  • RSVP cards. Choose two different sizes/dimensions for this card, and whether or not you want rounded corners for this card. Also decide whether or not you want envelopes with it.
  • Greeting cards. There are three different versions at Zazzle. Firstly, there is a greeting card with the grandfather clock both sleeping and waking up in the front of the card. Secondly, there are two greeting cards with only the sleeping grandfather clock in the front, and this clock waking up inside the card. In one card, you can see the fireworks around him. But in the other card, they are not visible. Moreover, there are greeting cards with this clock with fireworks at Redbubble. This card comes in different sizes/dimensions, and types of paper. You also have the option of including envelopes with it.
  • Address labels. There are two versions; one with both the sleeping and waking grandfather clock, and one with only the waking grandfather clock. You can also decide if you want these labels to be address labels, return address labels, or shipping labels.
  • Stickers. Again, there are two versions; one with the clock both sleeping and waking, and the other with the clock only waking.

Party Supplies

  • Napkins, one with a waking clock, one with both a sleeping and waking clock. There are five different kinds of these napkins: standard cocktail, coined cocktail, standard luncheon, coined luncheon, standard dinner.
  • Paper plates, one with a waking clock, one with both sleeping and waking clocks. These each come in two different sizes/dimensions.
  • Can coolers, with a sleeping clock on one side, a waking clock on the other.
  • Bottle coolers, with a waking clock and fireworks.
  • Party hats, one with a waking clock, one with both a sleeping and waking clock.
  • Balloons; again with a sleeping clock on one side, a waking clock on the other. Choose whether you want them to be circular or heart-shaped. They are also available in the sizes small, medium or large. The small and medium balloons are air-filled, the large ones are helium.
  • Bunting flags. Decide whether you want the shape of these flags to be triangular or swallowtail.
  • Banners. These come in four different sizes/dimensions. There is also one indoor version, and two outdoor versions; one with metal grommets.

All are customizable

All the text in these products is editable. That is to say, you can personalize it. You can also easily reformat it. In other words, you can change its color, size, font, and more. Furthermore, you can change the background color, and move and resize the clocks themselves.

Check out all invites, stationery, and party supplies with this grandfather clock.

Year Round

You can also buy T-shirts, pillows, etc. with these clocks at Redbubble. These do not have text.

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