Christmas Puzzles

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These Christmas puzzles will not only make great presents for your kids, but also good Christmas decorations.

Click this snow scene to see it on a puzzle, and to see all other puzzles by Sea Serpent Design.

(Speaking of Christmas decorations, also check these out.)

Christmas and Winter Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Snowman at Night. This grinning dude in a top hat stands on a snowy meadow, also with fuchsia Northern Lights behind him.
  • Skating Penguin. A penguin in a top hat and red scarf skate in an icy lake on a snowy plain, pine trees and glowing stars behind him.
  • Skiing Polar Bear. A white polar bear in a red Santa hat, red ski boots, and red-and-white striped skis whizzes down a snowy hill, also with pine trees laden with snow behind him.
  • Gingerbread Man Under Candy Lamp. A smiling top-hatted gingerbread man hangs out under a lamp with a candy cane post, also with gingerbread and candy houses behind him.
  • Three Wolves Around a Table. On a clear night in a snowy-laden meadow, three wolves toast the moon around a clothed table.
  • Arctic Christmas Eve. On a clear night on Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer fly across the sky towards the Star of Bethlehem. They are all led by Rudolf and his red light of a nose. Two polar bears, two seals, and two white Arctic foxes also watch them.
  • Rudolf with Christmas Lights. This reindeer just can’t resist showing off his red-light nose and the Christmas tree lights in his antlers!
  • Teddy Bear in Town. During a light snowfall in a cozy town full of lighted Christmas trees and storybook houses, a teddy bear in a top hat and red scarf brings a Christmas present to his loved one.

All these puzzles come in many different sizes and dimensions, including 8 inches by 10 inches (the smallest), and 20 inches by 30 inches (the largest). You can also move and resize the pictures.

More jigsaw puzzles, etc.

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Christmas Puzzles
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Christmas Puzzles
Christmas and winter solstice puzzles with cartoon animals and other characters, including snowmen, gingerbread men, and more.
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Sea Serpent Design
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