Thanksgiving Dinner Supplies, Etc.

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For that Thanksgiving dinner you’ve been planning.

Thanksgiving dinner supplies and more
Thanksgiving dinner supplies and more

Join this chipmunk in his Thanksgiving supper; that is to say, celebrate along with him as he lounges on a cornucopia full of grapes, surrounded by, in addition, vegetables, fruits, and a pumpkin.

You can find him on the following products:

Dinner Supplies, Dishware

For the Kitchen


Statuettes; in other words, acrylic photo sculptures you can put on tables, shelves, or your mantle



Personalize, customize all these products

All the text in these items — especially the menus — is editable. In other words, it is ready to be personalized. Moreover, you can change its font, color, and size. You can also move and resize the graphic that contains the chipmunk, fruits, vegetables, and cornucopia if you wish. Further, in many of these products, you can change their background color.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Supplies, Etc.
Chipmunk on cornucopia with fruits and vegetables on customizable dinnerware, decor, stationery, swag
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Sea Serpent Design

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