Haunted House Sweets, Party Supplies, etc.

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Happy Halloween! There seems to be something going on at this house!

Haunted House

Can you find all the ghosts, monsters, and creatures in this picture? Above all, can you see all five orbs, and, in addition, the trees with faces?

The ghosts, trees with faces, black cat, bat, werewolf, and orbs all seem to be having a grand old time at this swanky abandoned mansion. In other words, they must be having a party! Halloween is just around the corner. Therefore, there must be a way you can party along with them. That is to say, there must be a way you can celebrate Halloween with them.

This is where this haunted house swag comes in. In other words, this Halloween bash, and all the ghosts and creatures in it, grace the following products:

For Halloween parties

As you can see, many of these products, especially the sweets, would be great assets for that Halloween party you’ve been planning. In other words, these products also include the balloons, napkins, paper plates, favor bags, and candy tin boxes. In addition, the posters would also make great decorations. Moreover, so would the art prints.

Where to find all these

Take a look at all products with this haunted house, ghosts, and creatures, including those at Zazzle and Redbubble.

Also check out all Halloween products by the Sea Serpent at Zazzle and Redbubble.

Haunted House Sweets, Party  Supplies, etc.
Article Name
Haunted House Sweets, Party Supplies, etc.
Sweets, party supplies, etc. with a haunted house, ghosts, monsters, and creatures for that Halloween bash you've been planning
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Sea Serpent Design
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