Rabbit and Easter Egg

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Here is a picture of a rabbit and Easter egg leaning on a tree.

Rabbit and Easter Egg by Tree
Click this picture of this rabbit and Easter egg to see all products with them.

This bunny seems to be saying something from behind this humongous egg leaning against the tree; such as “Happy Easter!” or “Happy Spring!”

There are numerous possible reasons this rabbit is having a good time; like perhaps there’s an Easter egg hunt going on, or maybe the rabbit is just playing around, or maybe it’s both.

This fellow and egg are not only on cards; they are also on posters, acrylic blocks, other decorative products, and other merchandise. In other words, they are not only available as cards, but also as Easter decorations.

These cards and decorations are all as follows:

Patterned Rabbit and Easter eggs

Here are some crafts with a pattern of this picture framed with an egg:

  • Wrapping paper, for Easter presents for your loved ones
  • Ribbon, in addition to with this wrapping paper

Easter Egg Wall Art

These include:

  • Posters, which are available in different and smaller sizes. You also have the options of choosing different types of paper for them, and to have them framed.
  • Canvas prints, which come in two different sizes/dimensions
  • Photo prints, which are also available in two different sizes/dimensions
  • Framed prints, which also come in two different sizes/dimensions. You can also choose several different colors for both the frames and mat.
  • Metal prints, which come in two different sizes, and two different types of finishes.
  • Art prints, which come in two different sizes/dimensions.
  • Art boards, also known as gallery boards. Redbubble has a very detailed description of these. These are five by seven inches (5″ by 7″). They also come with velcro dots, which can be used to affix the board to the wall.

Other Easter stuff

Also take a look at other Easter cards, invitations, and gifts by the Sea Serpent at Zazzle and Redbubble.

Rabbit and Easter Egg
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Rabbit and Easter Egg
A rabbit smiles at you nearby an Easter egg leaning against a tree. On greeting cards, prints, and other products.
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Sea Serpent Design
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