Easter Egg Hunt Invitations

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Planning an Easter egg hunt?

Just figured out what you’re going to cook, how you’re going to decorate your yard, and, more than anything else, where you’re going to hide the eggs? Do you now need to invite some folks – especially kids – to come celebrate the magic of Easter, frolic with the Easter Rabbit, and have some good spring fun? In other words, to hunt multi-colored eggs in your yard?

Here’s one way to let them know about this shindig.

Easter egg hunt invitations in different shapes and sizes
Click these invitations to see them up close.

Here’s a whole bunch of invitations and RSVP cards with a chick watching a rabbit jump as they play in a grass field with Easter eggs hidden under flowers. On the back side is a pattern of eggs with a picture of a rabbit behind a large Easter egg.

Easter egg hunt invites in different shapes and sizes

These cards come in the following dimensions and shapes:

There are also stickers to go with these invitations, and to help seal their envelopes.

Except for the circle-shaped cards, you have the option of choosing a regular rectangle shape, or a rectangle shape with rounded corners for your invitation. In other words, for each card, you can choose a rectangle with sharp corners or rounded corners.

And furthermore…

You can also customize/edit the text, and change its font, size, and color.

Check out all these Easter egg hunt invites.

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Easter Egg Hunt Invitations
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Easter Egg Hunt Invitations
Invites to an Easter egg hunt with a chick watching a rabbit jump, as they play in a grass field by Easter eggs hidden under flowers. These invitations come in different shapes and sizes.
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Sea Serpent Design
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