Teddy Bear Holding a Heart

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This cute, smiling teddy bear holding a heart, with other hearts flying around him, is on a whole bunch of Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. These include home decor and accessories.

Teddy bear holding a heart

So where’s this teddy bear at?

  • Greeting cards, where you can personalize, in other words, edit the text. You can also reformat the text; that is to say, change its font and color.
  • Wrapping paper, where you can choose different types of patterns for the image of the teddy bear; including no pattern at all
  • Tote bags, which come in different styles and colors for the handles
  • Bottle openers, which come in several different styles
  • Babies’ T-shirts in different sizes and, similarly, different colors
  • Mousepads
  • Flameless candles, which come in several different sizes
  • Coffee cups/mugs, which come in different styles and color themes
  • Jewelry, including charms, lockets, and bangle bracelets, which come in different styles. In addition, you can choose different shapes for your jewel.
  • Buttons, which come in a couple of different shapes (square and circle) you can pick
  • Magnets, which similarly come in two different shapes (square and circle) you choose
  • Keychains, which likewise come in several different shapes and styles you can pick; for example, hearts
  • Lamps. Choose between a table lamp, a tripod lamp, or a pendant lamp. In addition, you can also choose a silver or white coated base, and a variety of colors for the trim
  • Night lights

Making design changes

Don’t forget that you can customize each and every one of these products; in other words, move and resize the image with the king and queen, change the background color, and add special effects to your text; for instance, putting it on a curve. Further, you can add other text and images to the product.

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Teddy Bear Holding a Heart
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Teddy Bear Holding a Heart
Teddy bear holding a heart as others fly around him on cards, wrapping paper, night lights, lamps, babies' T-shirts, and other gifts
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Sea Serpent Design
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