Squirrels on Birthday Party Favors…and Sweets

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These sweets include candy, chewing gum, cakes, brownies, and cookies!

The two squirrels dancing on a birthday cake are now on party favors as well as party decorations, gift-wrapping paper, and ribbons.

Party favor boxes, jelly bean boxes, chewing gum boxes, a mint box, a sugar cookie, a brownie, and a dipped Oreo lollipop with two squirrels dancing on a birthday cake
NOTE: Each product in this picture is not accurately to scale.

Firstly, the squirrels are on favor bags, tags, and boxes. Secondly, they’re on candy jars and boxes. Thirdly, you can order mints, chewing gum, and jelly beans in different flavors, and include them in these boxes and jars. Fourthly, you can then put these boxes and jars in the party favor bags and boxes.

They’re all perfect for your kid’s birthday party. That is to say, your child and his or her guests will enjoy them immensely.

All the text on these products is editable and can be personalized. In addition, its font and color can be changed. Moreover, you can change the color of their backgrounds if they’re not food.

Party Favor Bags ‘n’ Tags with These Squirrels

The bags for party favors come in three different colors.

The party favor tags come in different shapes and weights of paper. In addition, you have the option of including twine with them. Furthermore, you have a choice of two types of twine.

Boxes for Party Favors

There are five different types of birthday favor boxes for your party:

Sweet Party Favors

Modern Bite bakes the shortbread cookies. Veronica’s Treats makes the brownies, cakes, and rest of the cookies. Moreover, you can order the candy and gum in different flavors.

Check out all birthday party products with the squirrels. Also take a peek at these two on all birthday products.

Squirrels on Birthday Party Favors...and Sweets
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Squirrels on Birthday Party Favors...and Sweets
Birthday party favor boxes, bags, tags, jars, and SWEETS with squirrels dancing on a cake. You can also include candy or chewing gum with some of them.
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Sea Serpent Design
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