Boar Kings, Queens Playing Cards

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Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy Year of the Boar! Here are more cards and gifts with these boars.

Here are playing cards of the boar king and queen of hearts. They’re either smiling at you, or looking at each other from inside the playing card they’re in. In most of the products below, you’ll find these playing cards spread on a red satin sheet. However, other products contain the playing cards only; although in some of these you’ll likewise still find the king and queen looking at each other on occasion. The products of both types are as follows.

Where these playing cards can be found

  • Greeting cards, where you can edit, that is to say, personalize the text. You can also reformat the text; in other words, change its font and color if you wish.
  • Wrapping paper, where you can choose different types of patterns for the image of the playing cards; including no pattern at all
  • Tote bags, which come in different styles and colors for the handles
  • Trucker hats, which similarly come with different colors you can pick; including red and white
  • Water bottles, which come in two different sizes, and in a similar vein come in a variety of different colors, white and red in addition
  • Babies’ T-shirts in different sizes and, similarly, different colors
  • Mousepads
  • Pillows, which come in several different sizes and proportions; in other words, squares and rectangles
  • And last but not least, lovers’ mug coffee cups for two. Need I say more?

Personalize, customize

Remember that these products are customizable; therefore you can move and resize the image of the playing cards, and change the background color. Moreover, you can add other text and images to the products.

Also try experimenting with some interesting type effects you can apply to the text; for instance putting text on a curve. I’m really glad Zazzle added this.

You can view all these cards and gifts with these playing cards of the Boar King and Queen of Hearts. In addition, there are cards and gifts with the Boar King and Queen of Hearts NOT in playing cards.

Have a peek at all the other Valentine cards and gifts by the Sea Serpent.

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Boar Kings, Queens Playing Cards
Playing cards with the boar king and queen of hearts on greeting cards, wrapping paper, tote bags, babies' t-shirts, lovers' mug coffee cups, etc.
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Sea Serpent Design
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