Grandfather Clock Party Invitations

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There are also RSVP cards, address labels, and stickers with him.

Planning a New Year’s Eve party and need to send out invitations? Here are some grandfather clock party invites.

On one side of each of these, there is a sleeping grandfather clock. On the other side, he wakes up smiling at midnight as fireworks erupt.

You can see what this grandfather clock looks like in both states. You can also see both of them up close if you click the invitation below.

You can also include the following:

RSVP cards…

Return address labels…

And stickers, which you can fasten envelopes with:

There are also New Year’s Eve party supplies with this grandfather clock. These include balloons, party hats, paper plates, paper napkins, can coolers, bottle coolers, and strings of bunting flags

In all of these, you can change the background color. The images can be moved and resized. The text can also be edited and personalized, and its font and color can be changed.

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve Party Invitation with Grandfather Clock
Article Name
New Year's Eve Party Invitation with Grandfather Clock
Invitations with sleeping and waking grandfather clock to a New Year's Eve party. RSVP cards, return address labels, and stickers with same can be included.
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Sea Serpent Design
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