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CommentAugust 12, 2015 by ssdesign

If you want to learn Axure RP 7, and output prototypes of websites and apps on the fly to show to people without typing a single line of code, check out the Udemy video course Learning Axure RP, written and narrated by Stuart Hopper of We Design Experience.


In this course, he shows you how to use the professional version of the program, which is called Axure RP Pro. There is also another version called Axure RP Standard, which is the same as the “Pro” without certain features; such as the ability to type and include notes in pages and widgets (HTML elements such as images, text elements like headings, paragraphs, form elements like textfields and buttons, etc.). You can compare these two versions.

Axure RP Pro interface

Axure RP Pro interface

First, Stuart Hopper takes you on a thorough tour of the Axure RP 7 interface, where you are introduced to palettes for your sitemap, page properties, master templates for images, text, menus, and other graphics, and widgets. There are also palettes for managing your widgets, styling them, and making them interactive. Besides using widgets, you can also create your own; in this course, you learn how to make a slideshow a widget. There are sections devoted to the basics of wireframing and prototyping; widgets and master templates are the building blocks of both. There are tutorials not just for typing and including notes in your project if you’re using Axure RP Pro, but also (one of my favorite features of Axure RP Pro) creating different notes for different audiences; whether they’re clients, designers, or any other group of people.

You also create an online bookstore, and design it responsively using adaptive views, so that it looks different in mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. To this site, you add menus and repeater datasets; lists that you populate with data of books, and put them in different sections according to genre. Finally, you learn how to generate prototypes of this site to test on different devices.

Viewing prototype in device

Viewing prototype in device

I really liked how detailed this course was. There are 65 tutorials, which are divided into nine sections. Most of these tutorials are relatively short in duration (the longest is eleven minutes and nine seconds, the shortest is a little over one minute, and most of the others run from two to four minutes on average). All this made the entire course feel doable for me. At the same time, I felt this course still managed to convey the wide variety of features the program has.

The code samples that came with this course could use some improvement; especially since as of this typing I found that some of them were missing while I was doing the tutorials. It would also be nice if they could be downloaded from the Udemy page the tutorials were in.

Despite these issues, I would recommend this course to anyone; especially UI and UX designers.

Learning Axure RP is made by Packt Publishing.

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