Book Review: Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and Javascript

CommentOctober 17, 2013 by ssdesign

Are you a seasoned HTML5/CSS3/Javascript coder, and interested in creating apps for Windows 8? Look no further than the book Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and Javascript, by Rami Sarieddine.

Even if you’re a Mac user, you can still make Windows 8 apps. All you have to do is get Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac, which enables you to run Windows programs, and install Microsoft Visual Studio, which you will be using to create these apps.

This book first covers HTML5 and CSS3, describing the HTML5 tags and style sheets, respectively, that you’ll most be likely be including in your app. The HTML5 tags include semantic elements, media elements, form validation, enriched input tags, and custom data attributes. The CSS3 styles discussed are different types of selectors, fluid layouts, CSS-powered animations and transforms, and media queries. Then you are introduced to WinJS, the asynchronous Windows library that gives access to Windows Runtime for Windows Store apps using Javascript. This is a library that must be used if you want to make Windows 8 apps using Javascript. Finally, the reader dives right in and makes Windows 8 apps using Visual Studio; learning how to to make them responsive, bind data to them, make them live through Tiles and Notifications, signing users in, adding menus and commands to the app bar (which is usually on the bottom of the screen), and, finally, packaging and publishing your app.

Not a web developer, but a Windows one? No problem. The last chapter describes how to make an XAML app, which is XML-based. Visual Studio has Visual Basic and Visual C++ project templates, and Windows developers can also use C# and Visual Basic when making apps.

I enjoyed Rami Sarieddine’s clear, concise, knowledgeable writing, and the way he not only summarized every chapter at its end, but the entire book in the last chapter. I especially thought his introductions to HTML5 and CSS3 in the first two chapters were first-rate. There were times when I felt it would have been nice if he had been just as specific when doing the apps in Visual Studio. For example, I was unclear on how to run an app, and had to figure out how to do it myself. Despite these issues, his knowledge of of Windows 8 really comes across.

Developing Windows Store Apps with HTML5 and Javascript is published by Packt Publishing.

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