My review of the iAd Production Beginners’ Guide at Technorati

CommentMay 10, 2012 by ssdesign

I just reviewed a book on how to create interactive ads for iOS devices for Technorati.

Edit: Here is the review, since it disappeared due to Technorati’s renovating itself:

If you’re an advertiser who’s dying to show off your product or brand on iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, check out the iAd Production Beginner’s Guide, by Ben Collier. This book will help you learn how to create killer interactive ads iOS users can really play with, using the program iAd Producer. I liked and enjoyed this book very much, and I find iAd Producer a fun program.

However, I hope Ben Collier writes a new book about this program, because Apple just released iAd Producer 2.1. This book came out almost two months before iAd Producer 2.1 did, so it refers to an earlier version of the program. Because iAd Producer 2.1 has gone through changes, some of the lessons in the book have to be done differently than the book describes. I found this out the hard way when I did them. I figured out how to do these lessons using iAd Producer 2.1. iAd Producer can be downloaded from the iOS Developer Center. You must join the iOS Developer Program in order to get this program. You must also have a desktop Mac running Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or later.

The iAd Production Beginner’s Guide teaches you how to create iAds; which iAd Producer outputs as HTML5-based ads. You can design these ads using CSS3, and make them interactive using Javascript without having to know how to code either; although there is also a Code Editor if you prefer to customize the ad by including your own CSS and Javascript code. An iAd is composed of a banner, a splash page, a menu, and different pages, in that order. Templates and objects, which are the building blocks of an iAd, can be applied on all of them. Some of these templates and objects can be used to purchase items from iTunes and the App Store, and find stores, restaurants, or other places nearest you on a map. In iAd Producer, you can use your Twitter account to tweet images, links, and updates about your product or brand, cause content to change each time you shake the iOS device, switch apps from portrait to landscape orientations, and vice versa, play videos, and apply wipes, fades, bounces, spinning effects, and other animations to your content.

You also learn how to test your iAds on iOS devices and, if you don’t have those devices, the iOS Simulator. If you use this Simulator, and your desktop computer’s maximum screen resolution is less than that of the iPhone or iPad, a portion of your ad will be cut off when it is shown on the Simulator. In one chapter, you learn how to incorporate iAds into apps using Xcode, which has also been updated for Lion. Another chapter is devoted to creating iAds for iPads. Each chapter has a pop quiz. The answers are found at the end of the book.

Advertisers may also want to note that if you’re enrolled in the iOS Developer Program, you can join the iAd Network in order to make money showing live ads in your apps. You can monitor the iAds’ impressions (number of times they appeared in the app) and user interaction, and track their revenue, which would be income for you.

Read how to do the tutorials in the iAd Production Beginner’s Guide using iAd Producer 2.1.

The iAd Production Beginner’s Guide is published by Packt Publishing.

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