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CommentMarch 22, 2012 by ssdesign

If you want to learn how to convert a Flash movie into an an app for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, I highly recommend this book.

Edit: Here is the review, since it disappeared due to Technorati’s completely renovating itself:

Do you come from a desktop Flash and ActionScript 3.0 background, and want to expand these skills to creating apps for for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches? Want to convert a Flash game to an app for these devices? If any of these things is true, I recommend that you get the Flash iOS Apps Cookbook, by Christopher Caleb.

The first chapter walks you through joining the iOS Developer Program at Apple, and registering your iOS device. These are requirements for writing iOS apps. The following chapters are where the rubber meets the road. Here, you learn to build iOS apps using Flash and ActionScript 3.0. With the help of Adobe AIR, which you can access in Flash via settings and certain types of code, you can also have these apps interact with features of the iOS device outside the Flash player.

There are lessons that teach you to build iOS apps from scratch, and adapt them to different iOS devices; adjusting their screen resolutions accordingly. Along the way, you learn to incorporate multi-touch and gesture user interaction into these apps, switch their orientations between portrait and landscape, and optimize their graphics, animations, and overall performance. The book also includes lessons for building apps working with video, audio, text, fonts, virtual keyboards, websites, geolocation and accelerometer sensors, and cameras and microphones built into iOS devices; among other things. This book covers a lot.

I liked the way each lesson – or recipe, as it is called in the book – is structured so that it 1) first tells you how to do the lesson, 2) describes what each piece of code is doing in the lesson, and 3) then tells the reader what else this code can do. Other cookbook-type tutorial books I have worked with essentially do the same things, but they’re not this well organized.

I found this book very useful. As someone with a background in designing and developing websites and Flash projects for the desktop, and who’s currently branching out into mobile devices, I also thought it gave a good introduction to the iOS environment in and out of Flash and AIR.

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